D For Dopidi Movie Review



Four friends in dire need of money due to various circumstances plan to rob a bank as they think that is the easy way to get money. How these four guys execute the robbery, what happens at the robbery scene and how it all ends is overall story of the film.


Varun Sandesh plays the toughest guy in the gang. He has a class upbringing and has a lover. His character is well defined but his act lacks any sort of seriousness at all.

Sandeep Kishan plays the massy youth who aspires to become an actor. He gets his group out of trouble with his on the spot thinking and quick wit. The actor does his staple act here too like he does in any of his previous films. He is fine.

Then there is the righteous guy of the gang and the joker of the pack. While earlier guy is boring, guy playing the joker is entertaining mainly due to some lines uttered at the right situation. There is nothing more to say about their performances. Rishi Muvva as Chevulapalli is decent. Finally director Deva Katta in an extended cameo is seemingly worth only because of his dialogue delivery.

Tanikella Bharani is fine and so is his gang. His flashback sequences do manage to give a chuckle.


Some hilarious one-liners
Short movie duration
No songs

Second half
Not much meat in the script


Debut director Siraj Kalla has taken a very simple and flat line for the movie. For such a simple lined story the screenplay needs to be super strong to hold and grip the audience and not let the feeling of flatness be felt. The onus therefore falls completely on the writing to hold audience attention. It succeeds to an extent but ultimately it becomes loose cannon and fires randomly without any narrative coherence. Punches flow throughout randomly without any real impact. All the while the screenplay remains stagnant without any real movement.

First half of the film is really short and one gets the feel of an abrupt interval at that point as it is only before interval that one starts to get really involved in the movie. You feel you like what is going on screen and might enjoy it and bam its interval.

When the second half begins you feel like you have seen it all before interval itself due to the break, even though nothing really happens, and thanks to this nagging feeling jokes seems repetitive and film appears to drag. Add to this feeling, some unnecessary plot elements, only purpose of which is to extend the length of the film and silly sequences the film looses all the interest it has created prior to the interval.

There are no songs which is a relief while the background score is alright. Cinematography is adequate for the terrain. Editing is fine.

Bottom-line: H for half baked
Rating: 2.75/5

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