C/O Kancharapalem Review


C/O Kancharapalem Review


People wouldn’t have noticed a movie called C/O Kancharapalem existed if not for Rana Daggubati. It wasn’t until Rana Daggubati announced that he’s presenting it under Suresh Productions that people started talking about it even though a teaser and first look came out many months ago. After Rana entering into this project, the movie’s buzz went into sky high. Rana’s helped the flick to get attention from the audience for a film that was stuck at Suresh Production with no movement for a long time. C/O Kancharapalem is grandly releasing on 7 September, but we had an opportunity to watch early and so here goes the review:

C/O Kancharapalem Review
C/O Kancharapalem Review


The title itself gives an idea to everyone. C/O Kancharapalem is all about the story of a backward village Kancharapalem and its various inhabitants with different mentalities.


Artists Performances:

There are no ‘actors’ in a general sense associated with the term. People who are part of the movie are picked from the real place and made to act. It takes time to sync initially, but once that apprehension is passed, we are wholly immersed in the narrative.



  1. All the lead characters delivered the best output
  2. Story & Screenplay
  3. Direction




  1. Slow narration
  2. Runtime
  3. It drags in between



C/o Kancharapalem is like watching the real situations and happenings unfolding in our own village at some point in our life. Not many may get involved in the movie quickly, but once you are you will remember a beautiful cinematic experience for a long time. It is a must watch. 


Rating: 3.25/5


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