Bhadram Movie Review : A Watchable Thriller But With Slow Pace



Story :

Venu (Ashok Selvan) who has completed his MA in criminology gets placed in a detective agency. His job is to follow and collect data about people who are under scrutiny. As a part of job Venu follows Madhu Sree (Janani Iyer) and he falls for her. To his shock Venu finds out that those whom he shadowed to collect information die in mysterious manner. Venu identifies the threat Madhusree is posing. Whether will he able to save Madhu and how he unfolds the mystery using his detective skills, forms the rest of the plot.

Performances :

Ashok Selvan’s character as the one who tries to solve a mystery is somewhat similar to his previous role in Villa (Pizza-2). As this film falls under thriller there is nothing much he can do but to carry those curious looks throughout the film and he is adequate in doing that.

Janani Iyer’s role has enough screen presence in first half but she missed in post interval session. There is nothing much to say about her. She is just okay for her looks and performance. Among the other limited characters, Jaya Prakash made his presence felt as a police officer and rest are okay.

Positives :

Pre-Interval 15 mins


Final twist in Climax

Negetives :

Songs which acts as road blocks

Predictable at times

Slow Paced screenplay for a Thriller

Analysis :

Going by the posters and plot one can expect an edge of the seat thriller and with a good turn of events during pre interval it seems like the film is going in the right direction building much needed suspense. But, in the second half just where we expect some twists and turns, story gets predictable. Narration lacks racy element and feels like a bit dragged at some times.

Film starts off well balancing the proceedings with building the main plot and showcasing the romance between the lead pair. Unless they are very much needed to the core story songs must be avoided for a Thriller. Here in Bhadram songs played the role of speed breakers disturbing the flow of the film and none of them are impressive.

Background score by Nivas Prasanna is main highlight for this film and it’s his BGM which made some scenes look good. Dubbing has been done neatly by producers. Written and Directed by Debutante P. Ramesh has all the ingredients to etch a perfect thriller and he succeded to some extent only which resulted as watchable flick.

Bottom-Line : A Watchable Thriller but with slow pace
Rating : 2.75/5


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