AtNartanasala Movie Review


AtNartanasala Movie Review.


NagaShaurya, Kashmira starrer @Nartanasala movie released today. After blockbuster Chalo, NagaShaurya came up with @Nartanasala. His mother Usha Mulpuri herself produced it under IRA Creations. Let’s get into the review.

AtNartanasala Movie Review
AtNartanasala Movie Review


Radha Krishna (Naga Shaurya), a philanthropist who respects women but doesn’t love anyone. When he comes across Manasa (Kashmira) he got feelings for her. But his father fixes his son’s marriage with another girl Satyabhama (Yamini Bhaskar) which creates confusion.

To avoid that marriage Krishna tells them that he’s a gay. He then feels relieved that he escaped from that problem, but a twist in the interval again creates a drama for the 2nd half. Watch the movie to know more.


Artists Performances:


Naga Shaurya again did a decent job. There was no depth in his character, but whatever he did it’s okay. Heroine Kashmira is beautiful, and she has done her role perfectly. Another actress, Yamini Bhaskar is not up to the mark. She needs to improve both in her looks and performance.


In this movie, Ajay and Jayaprakash Reddy got good roles. They were hilarious, mainly JP with his slang. Also, Shivaji Raja is an addition to create problems with his ignorance. He played the part, to the galleries in an over the top manner, but it worked.


Technical Departments:


Music by Mahati Sagar is superb. Mainly Egireney, Ila Neetho, and Pichi Pichi Ga were chartbusters. The background is also good, but it sounds the same as Chalo movie. The photography by Vijay C Kumar is elegant. Visuals were rich mainly in the songs. Editing is good. Production values by IRA Creations were top notch.


primarily is all on one side of the coin.


The other side, direction, and writing may disappoint for many. A story of the movie is very thin. The screenplay is highly predictable. The characters haven’t been adequately etched, and they are given an abrupt and silly end. Overall, the direction leaves a lot to be desired as many scenes could have had a positive impact with compact direction. The only good thing the director did in this movie was to have less runtime.


Writing department could have been more careful. Some scenes against on gays and the way they are referred may go on the wrong note to the public. There is already a stigma associated with them, and the movie takes the stereotypical attitude to heights with its portrayal and dialogues. Only a few words are said positively in the climax, but that feels too late.



  1. Lead Actors
  2. Music
  3. Cinematography
  4. Some comedy scenes



  1. Writing
  2. The direction at some points
  3. Not too much drama




@Nartanasala is a hilarious gay comedy entertainer, if you just want entertainment without focusing on plot screenplay and direction, essentially a mindless entertainer. Otherwise, it will leave you disappointing.





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