Arjun Reddy Movie Review


What’s Good: Vijay Devarakonda performance, his friend’s presence and dialogues, raw romance, and the background score.

What’s Bad: Too indulgent, a misguided showcase of machismo, the overall length of the movie.

Popcorn Break: Whenever the hero is not on the screen which is very less.

Watch or Not: Watch it ASAP!

Trade Talk: The youth will make the movie a winner. How big it is, the final numbers will tell the story.


First of all, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga must be appreciated for making what he wants and not bow down to commercial necessities. Not that there is nothing commercial in the movie, it has plenty of those, but they aren’t formulaic, derivative perhaps, but surely not a by the numbers calculatingly put out.

The sheer freshness in the characterization and performance of Vijay Devarakonda as Arjun Reddy makes us sail through the first half. It is slow, but it doesn’t matter as one is completely absorbed in the proceedings thanks to a sensational performance by the lead.

The second half loses the momentum, but the director maintains a grip. It works well till the pre-climax before the climax ruins it a bit. The film thanks to the characterization of Arjun Reddy will invoke an extreme reaction, but that is entirely alright and fine. It shouldn’t however, diminish the value of the movie.

The Last Word: Watch it ASAP for Vijay Devarakonda alone.

Rating: 3.5/5

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