Geethanjali Movie Review




Srinivas (Srinivas Reddy) enters Hyderabad with the dreams of becoming a director. He is conned to stay in a haunted house with his friends. What is the secret behind the haunted house and did he manage to fulfill his dream of becoming a director is the basic story-line of the film.


Srinivas Reddy who has been doing comedian roles so far graduates to hero with this film. However there is no special performance here that he showcases as a hero. He does the same act that he has done in various films only this time he is at the center of the narrative.

The film has a brewy of comedians and among them Satyam Rajesh and Shankar play the more major roles along with Srinivas Reddy. they all together have a wonderful chemistry and group dynamic between them. They make even the simplest of scenes entertaining with their terrific comic timing. But it is Sapthgiri once again who steals the show with his live-wire performance. Basically the character he was given, the way its unveiled along with his usual terrific timing make it hilarious.

Brahmanandam is once again highlighted in the film as Shaitan Raj. He does his usual act but still manages to entertain. His portions after the flashback sequences are superb. Madhu is fine but he doesn’t create similar impact as other comedians.

Finally coming to Anjali playing the title role is just alright. Nothing to do with her performance but her character has very less screen time compared to the others even though the entire film revolves around her. Rao Ramesh shifts gears in the film playing an atypical character. He is convincing and that’s the best compliment that could be given to him.


First half

Predictable flashback
Thin story line



Debut director Raaja Kiran has made a competent and sure footed debut. It helps him that he has been given a good material to direct from industry veteran like Kona Venkat. Which brings us to the real talent behind the way the film shaped up eventually.

Kona Venkat has given a simple yet effective screenplay for the film. The narrative is kept tight despite wafer thin plot with lots of comedy. The first half is especially good even though very little happens story wise as its narrated in a very engaging and effective manner keeping the suspense alive.

It is in the second half the film drops pace and becomes a tad boring with its predictable nature. The flashback episode is especially very cliched and brings down the entire tempo. Soon it is elevated again largely thanks to the comedians effort and finally, a neatly handled climax ends things on a positive note. The film on the whole has a good engaging first half and a predictable but decent second half. The makers have completely relied on comedy to pull through and one must say they have done a decent enough job with it.

Music is below par but the lack off is made by the background score. Editing is good and so is the cinematography keeping the small scale of the film in mind. Dialogues are good overall.

Bottom-line: ‘Predictable’ Horror Comedy
Rating: 3/5

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