Anil Sunkara's Action 3D Movie Review


Action 3D, wow, a Telugu film in 3D a first in India and that too a comedy. What is this film all about and who has made this film?
Well all the credit for this goes to our debutant director Anil Sunkara. He has made The Hangover in 3D something which even the Hollywood couldn’t do.

I haven’t seen The Hangover so can I enjoy the movie?
You could have only if there was a movie made in the first place.

What do you mean, isn’t Action 3D a movie?
It’s a mess with bits and pieces of stolen funny comic moments thrown all around.

So it’s not just The Hangover that has been ripped off?
The Hangover was just a 100 minutes film and this is a 157 minutes film, where do you think that 57 came from?

Isn’t there even a single original thing in the movie?
Why not, there is this remarkable 3D enabled crow-shit sequence where hundreds of crows shit on a car with heroes in it and all this is shown with 3D effect.

That’s scary!
It’s comedy at its creative best.

Thank God for the inspirations then, otherwise with this kind of creativity, fatality would have been inevitability.
You bet.

Isn’t there anything positive to tell about the film then?
Why don’t you ask this and further such queries with the director himself. Here’s presenting to you director Anil Sunkara.

Congratulation sir, for the debut movie, how do you feel?
Thank you for the wishes. It was my dream to be a director, I had money and I made it. By the way you know SuperStar?

Yes sir, why not everyone knows about Superstar Rajinikanth?
No, no not him our Superstar Mahesh Babu.

Yes of course, who doesn’t know him? But lets talk about Action 3D. Tell us about the cast?
Yes we got an ensemble cast for the movie. From Allari Naresh, Vaibhav, Shyam and Raju Sundaram to Sneha Ullal, Ritu Barmecha and Kamna Jethamalani, we have got every one. Do you know the film also stars Nazar in it who acted in our Dookudu. By the way do you know Sr. NTR?

What kind of question is that, every Telugu speaking person knows him? Only animals wouldn’t know about him, I am sure.
You are so right, you are my target audience. Have you seen Dookudu.

Are you kidding me sir, yes, I have seen Dookudu, the movie with MS Narayana’s show reel?
Good lord, I have made the film for you, go check it now. Have you also seen the promo of my latest film 1 – Nenokkadine.

Is there even a story to tell or have you made film to promote your near and dear one’s and the films you made?
No, no, no we have taken care of the story and all this is done in a very creative and subtle manner. You will not even notice them.

Sir, I wanted to ask from the beginning one question, why is the film named Action 3D?
All the actors in the film act and hence it is Action. Since it’s made with 3D technology its Action 3D.

My mind=blown, sir, I need to take rest?
Why rest, watch Action 3D, your blown mind will be further blown into vastness after watching my film.

(Anil Sunkara leaves)

Thank God, feel like on ventilator now after immense suffocation.
That’s our bottom-line after coming out of the film. Stay alive, stay out.
Rating: 1.25/5

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