Amar Akbar Anthony Review


Amar Akbar Anthony Review:

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and Srinu Vaitla collaborated again for Amar Akbar Anthony after ages. Both are waiting for a solid hit to bounce back and be in the race. Ravi Teja is seen in three shades in AAA that is an exciting factor and audience are waiting for Ravi Teja and Vaitla’s mark entertainment.



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Amar Akbar Anthony Review


The story opens up by establishing a true friendship between two businessmen and how they were cheated and killed by their partners. Ravi Teja and Ileana are children of those two men and how Ravi Teja avenge for their betrayal is the plot.



As usual Ravi Teja did a good job but Ravi’s mark entertainment is missing. Also, the energy he carries is lacking in this movie. But he portrayed every shade of Amar Akbar and Anthony with ease.
Ileana got a decent role in her comeback movie. Though there is nothing special in her role she attracts everyone and her dubbing is okay.
Srinu Vaitla showcased dozens of comedians in the movie but everyone is useless and at many places, comedy didn’t work out at all. Comedian Satya got a very interesting role and he literally dominated seniors like Raghu Babu, Srinivas Reddy and Vennela Kishore.
Sunil is okay and the villain roles were very dumb.



Ravi Teja and Ileana.
Nothing much



Everything goes wrong when there is no solid script and right screenplay.


Srinu Vaitla is struggling to come up with a decent entertained and Amar Akbar Anthony once again highlights his current predicament. There is no balance between the comedy and central plot. Too many comedians are making the proceedings cacophonous without any impact. In also has a direct impact on the main plot. 
The movie opens interestingly and various comic setups are placed nicely. A joke and a scene work here and there, but nothing comes together overall as a narrative. The flow is missing and the exciting bits are lost in the comic mess.
The second half is more focused and comedy, in parts, is integrated into the narrative well. However, here the basic plot loses steam as the director focuses more on effects rather than depth. The lack of is what eventually bores the audience and kills the fun in watching the movie. 

Technical Departments:

Music by Thaman is okay. Background score is good. The cinematography is the big plus. Editing work is a disaster. Production values by Mythri are fantastic as usual but everything got wasted.


Srinu Vailta and Ravi Teja pick an out of box material and deliver the most mundane output. Avoid it in cinemas. 

Rating: 2/5


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