Allu Arjun's Race Gurram Movie Review – You Can Bet On This Horse




Allu Ram (Shyaam) who is a police officer and Allu Lakshman alias Lucky (Allu Arjun) are brothers whose relation is more like that of Tom and Jerry.Shiva Reddy who is son of Peddi Reddy a Factionist in Kadapa dreams about making big in Politics.Ram tries to stop Shiva Reddy from entering into politics and how Lucky ended up between his brother and shiva Reddy ? How Lucky managed to save his family from Villains with the help of Kill Bill Pandey (Brahmanandam) forms the rest of the story


Allu Arjun who keeps improving with his every film scores big again. He tried a different modulation in delivering Dialogues and this clicked well especially while uttering the word ‘Daavudaa..’ everytime. Bunny looks uber cool and his styling is damn good in this film. Even though there is no need to mention about the dances but have to say that he excelled in ‘Down Down Duppa’ song with his excellent moves.

Shyam is adequate and his chemistry as brother with Allu Arjun worked out well in couple of scenes. Saloni is adequate for a limited role in flash back pairing with shyam and she isdecent.

Shruthi Haasan who played as Spandana is good in a role who always meditate and never express her emotions openly. Prakash Raj played her father and their roles etched in entertaining manner.

Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan and Mukesh Rishi played as antogonists and they perfectly fits the bill with their impressive performances and dialogues. Rest of the cast comprising Tanikella Bharani,Pragathi,MS Narayana,Pavitra Lokesh are apt.

Brahmanandam who played as a cop in the role of Kill Bill Pandey stands out as the major highlight in the film. Though he only enters during the last 30 mins, he was the show stealer who completely carried away the film to the next level providing pure entertainement to the audience.


Allu Arjun
Brahmanandam as Kill Bill Pandey
Comedy Scenes in Second half
Surendar Reddy Direction


Some Drag moments in First Half
Lengthy Interval Sequence



Film opens on a note that it is going to deal with rifts between two brothers and takes a turn into a series of events resulting a battle between Hero and villains to save his brother. Though there is nothing new to offer its the treatment which made the film thoroughly enjoyable. But, ‘Race Gurram’ doesn’t have any unexpected twists like Surender Reddy’s previous films.

Though there are some dull moments, first half is passable with some good laughs and songs. Film enters into main plot with an action sequence during the interval. Till then Director managed the entire first half with neatly written scenes involving Heroine and her family. Though Interval sequence is well conceived, its a bit lengthy and could have been edited in a better manner.

Surender Reddy has reserved the best part for second half and this is where he dealt with his mark of Entertainment with Ali and Brahmanandam. Ali reprises his role from Kick as Dr bali from Malaysia. He succeeded in evoking laughter from couple of scenes. As said above its Brahmanandam again made his charm completely worked out during the last half an hour. The way Surender Reddy showed Brahmanandam in a serious manner yet generating comedy is absolutely hilarious.

Songs scored by SS Thaman is already a huge success and they have been picturized neatly on screen with cool visuals. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is very good and deserves a special mention.

Bottom-Line : You Can Bet On This Horse
Rating : 3.25/5

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