Allu Arjun's Iddarammayilatho Movie Review


Story: Allu arjun(Sanju) and Amala paul(Komali) bond with each other thanks to music and soon fall in love. Amala paul unfortunately is a victim of circumstance and the love ends abruptly. All this is known through a dairy read by Catherine Tresa(Akanksha) which leads her to Allu arjun. However there is something else that Catherine Tresa is not aware of and takes her by surprise in the second half. What is the surprise and what happens to the central love story forms the second half and overall film.

Performances: Allu Arjun who is getting better and better with each new film has shown great improvement in performance compared to his last outing, especially in terms of histrionics. Dances are good as usual and need no special mention.

Amala Paul is good in the role given to her. She makes a mark in the film and is an asset to the film. Catherine Tresa is used as a glamour doll and she does good justice in that aspect. However her character is poorly etched and her performance doesn’t do anything to overcome it.

The guy who played villain is convincing but has a limited role to create a long lasting impact. Its the same with the rest of the cast which comprises of names like Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Nazar, Subba Raju, Pragathi etc. Brahmanandam, Ali and Srinivas Reddy are the known comedians present in the film. Among them Brahmanandam is alright, Ali has a very small role and it looks out of place. Srinivas Reddy once again goes under utilized despite having considerable amount of screen time.

Entire technical department (Music, Cinematography, Fights, Songs)
Allu Arjun

Predictable Story
Dragging Second Half
Below average comedy

Analysis: Director Puri Jagannadh is known to come up with novel themes for his film despite them lacking in overall finesse. The problem of lacking finesse continues here too but this time he has got a predictable story barring a small twist during the second half. The film relies completely on his screenplay and the director does a decent job with it. First half of the film has little story progress but its breezy nature makes it a decent watch. Interval block has been done neatly. Its the second half where the core story of the film lies and it is in this part the director looses the grip on the narrative temporarily. His trademark fast paced narration is missing during most parts of the second half. But he manages to save the day with pre climax and climax of the film.

Its not that he has made something extraordinary but in that parts he gets his usual fast paced narration right and ends the film on a positive note.

It is in terms of the technical departments that the film scores big time. Music and background score by Devi Sree Prasad are a major asset to the film. So is the cinematography and choreography of songs. They all combine to give the film its freshness which is missing in the actual story of the film.

Another thing that needs a mention for sure is the fights in the film composed by Keecha. They have come out very well and help the film separate from the rest of such routine films. Editing is good too. Production values by Bandla Ganesh are superb. Locations in Spain help film get a fresh vibe as well.

Bottom-line: Old wine in a new bottle with the new bottle being bloody damn well packaged.

Rating: 3/5


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