Adi's Galipatam Movie Review




Karthi and Swathi are married to each other through arranged marriage. On their first anniversary a fight leads the two to go about their ways and unite with their ex flames. How the couple and families of this couple react to this bold move and what happens in the end is the basic plot of the film.


Aadi, Erica Fernandez, Kristina Akheeva and Rahul Ravindran play the important characters in the film. They are well cast for their roles and that makes their performances appear better than what they actually are. Aadi is of course at ease with his acting and dialogue delivery. Both the heroines look good on screen and play their parts in an understated fashion which makes them tolerable despite lacking in acting department. Rahul Ravindran as the quintessential nice guy conveys what needs to be conveyed.

Apart from them there are a set of characters providing comedy in anyway possible not caring its getting offensive and vulgar or not. The sequence involving the old ladies was without any doubt offensive. There are few such sequences where despite active performances of all actors involved the laughs don’t come naturally and seem forced.

Dialogues despite vulgarity
Fast paced narration



Large parts of second half


Direction is first rate by debutant Naveen Gandhi. The problem lies in the screenplay and the content he is provided. The first half of the film has pretty fast paced narration with one liners and corny but funny dialogues flowing one after the other.

The problem lies in the second half. One can see it clearly that the ending has been pre determined and everything else preceding it seems to be working back word as a set up to the climax. There are clearly some missing aspects in this process which have been covered by unnecessary sub plots and tracks whose only purpose is to deliver entertainment either through comedy or shock. These only add to length and serve no purpose in the end.

Music and BGM is good. Bheems delivered what is needed for the film. Editing is okay. Cinematography is alright. Production values are top notch.

Bottom-line: It’s an entertainer!

Rating: 3/5

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