Aatagaallu Movie Review


Aatagaallu Movie Review


Naara Rohith, Darshana Banika starred Aatagaallu movie released today. Jagapathi Babu played an important role opposite to Rohith. Here’s the review.


The movie starts with death of a farmer in an accident. Siddharth(Naara Rohith) adopts his daughter and joins her in a school. In the next scene Siddharth gets arrested for the accusation of killing his own wife. Veerendra(Jagapathi Babu), a dynamic public prosecutor take up the case of Siddharth.

Aatagaallu Movie Review
Aatagaallu Movie Review

He interrogates Siddharth and makes him come out of the case with clean chit by finding the actual culprit (Munna) of his wife’s death.

Later Veerendra comes to know that Munna didn’t kill Siddharth’s wife. Then who killed her? Who’s this Munna? Watch the movie and know it.

Artists’ Performances:

Naara Rohith got a dumb character as usual. There is no energy in his performance. Though he’s a decent actor directors are not using him in a right way. There is another shade to his character which if extracted well by director would have been outstanding, but that didn’t happen.

Jagapathi Babu shines as Lawyer Veerendra. His look and dialogue delivery were perfect. At the end of the movie, he feels like the real hero of the movie.

Brahmanandam did a regular role but couple of scenes generated some smiles. Subbaraju also did a decent job.


1. Jagapathi Babu

2.Brahmanandam(Only Couple of Scenes. Don’t expect more)


Whatever the mistakes are to be done for a movie’s failure those occured.


Paruchuri Murali may not be an important director to be remembered, but a decade ago he was among those few emerging directors who had potential. However, over the years he is totally lost with the kind if movies he has made. Aatagallu is another addition to that notion.

The movie takes off interestingly, but very soon the audience lose interest as nothing is engaging. It’s the case with entire first half after the intro.

The second half shows the real point of the movie, but it also highlights the thoughts of the director which seems very dated. The way the whole thing is executed is illogical and unengaging as a whole. That would still be okay, if it was made with current sensibilities. The director fails even on that count. By the time we reach end, it would be impossible to sit it out. It is that bad and badly executed. The directors previous movies appear like classic when watching this movie.

Music by Sai Kartheek is very poor. Re- Recording is okay. Vijay C Kumar’s photography is good. Editing is worst but the editor can’t be blamed because of the script. There is too much melodrama and dramatization. Dialogues were patchy.

Screenplay is predictable. Production values are okay.

Final Verdict:

An improper, imperfect, illogical crime mystery thriller.



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