Movie Review: Touch Chesi Chudu


What’s Good? Ravi Teja, and comedy

What’s Bad? Everything else

Popcorn Break? Anytime you want

Watch It or not? Don’t

Trade Talk: The openings for the movie are in decent range, at best. With word of mouth being weak, it would find it hard to survive at the box office.


Telugu cinema doesn’t usually come up with groundbreaking stories, and it’s a truth that one always have to keep in mind watching a big hero film. It is the same story all the time. But the thing that makes them work is a fresh and engaging presentation. Vikram Sirikonda fails in that department on his debut.

There is nothing in the movie to keep the viewers engaged apart from Ravi Teja. How much can even Mass Maharaja save when there is no help in content. The fun parts, as well as the serious parts, go around in circles, adding to the length of the movie, but coming to a routine end. The screenplay is dull and uninspiring like the villain of the film. It only makes one wish why to have them in the first place. The supposed elevation doesn’t work around such jokes.

On the whole, barring few moments of genuine comedy and unadulterated heroism bits, nothing else works in the tiresome and tiring watch.

Musically, Touch Chesi Choodu is alright. The background score could have been better. The cinematography is excellent, but the same can’t be said about editing. The writing is decent when seen in entertainment perspective, but lacks fire during the mass sequences. The production values are okay.

Final Conclusion: Even if you are a die-hard fan of Ravi Teja, avoid his Touch.

Rating: 2/5

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