Movie Review: Romeo




A boy meets a girl who is fond of travelling. He is instantly reminded of someone from his past and as a result incessantly follows her. Whom the hero remembers and did he get heroine in the end is what the film is all about.


The film has only two solid characters, they are of Sairam Shankar and Adonika. And when that’s the case one would expect strong performances from the lead actor’s so that the film floats but that is not the case here. Sairam Shankar does his usual act and Adonika irritates like anything making the pair a chore to sit through.

Numerous character actors and Ravi Teja’s guest appearance, everything happens through phone calls. Among them Ravi Teja bits are clearly the most charming and add value to the movie.


Ravi Teja’s cameo
Couple of songs picturizatrion


Heroine characterization
Story and screenplay


Romeo comes with a caption – Puri Rasina Prema Katha and this is exactly a film that depends on smart and strong writing to make an impact like a Before Sunrise or Before Sunset. The films screenplay is dependent on the lead pair chemistry as much as the writing, both has to come together. Unfortunately in Romeo that is not the case.

There are very very small bits that show us a spark or show a glimpse of the potential the film could have been but the masala-fication of a novel plot and horrible lead pair ruins any possibility of that kind. The film huffs and puffs as it reaches its predictable climax. Unfortunately long before it has reached that stage the viewer is exhausted. Debutant Gopi Ganesh had the right project and a good visual sense but the execution and handling of sequence was far from satisfactory.

Music is good by Sunil Kashyap and so is the cinematography PG Vinda. Choreography is good for couple of songs. Editing could have been sharper.

Bottom-line: Failed opportunity

Rating: 2.25/5


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