Movie Review: Rangula Ratnam


What’s good: Few comedy moments and mother and son bonding

What’s bad: Slow pace and story, big part of the second half

Popcorn break: Lot of times in the second half

Watch or not:

Trade Talk: The openings are weak, and if the talk remains the same, it will go unnoticed among the Sankranthi crowd.


In the past few years, Telugu cinema has witnessed the revival of small films in urban space. The characters are set in the upper-middle-class setting of the cities, and they have identifiable problems. The reason some of those movies clicked in because of the strong writing and subtle and fresh emotions. These are simple looking but challenging to execute films, and director Shree Ranjani fails in getting it right with Rangula Ratnam.

The movie has got few lighthearted and emotional scenes well, but the slow pace and lack of bite in the story make it a tiresome watch to sit through. If anyone manages to do that, there is a decent payoff at the end, with the climax. Other than that there are parts of the second half where the story gathers momentum, but that is short lived. Overall, Rangula Ratnam is a tedious watch.

Music by Sricharan Pakala is in sync with the movie. The cinematography LK Vijay should have been way better. The editing is neat. The production values are alright.

The last word: There is just not one compelling element present which could be shown as a reason to give the movie a chance.

Rating: 2.25/5

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