Movie Review- PSV Garuda Vega


What’s Good: Story, screenplay, action, casting.
What’s Bad: Parts of the second half feel needless.

Popcorn Break: During the second half

Watch or Not: Watch it.

Trade Talk: The openings are weak, the good word of mouth should help in the pickup of collections


Praveen Sattaru has touched an unexplored subject for Telugu cinema with PSV Garuda Vega. It is one thing to do such films, and another get the execution. Praveen Sattaru scores on both the counts.
The first half of the movie is very engaging with the right blend of thrill, suspense, and action. There is a comedy mixed in the narrative which starts off weakly but gets better overall. The comedy track with Prudhvi starts off well but feels pointless during the second half.
The problem with the film occurs during the second half, in the village episode. The comedy block and item song are forced into the narrative and don’t feel organic. Still, it provides relief to the mumbo-jumbo talk that happens right before that episode. The climax works due to the perfect sync of the husband and wife comedy thread. Overall, PSV Garuda Vega is a good one time watch for the fresh entertainment it provides.

The Last Word: It might be formulaic for the Hollywood movie buffs, but it is a vastly different thing for the local audience. Watch it, PSV Garuda Vega entertains without giving cliché feeling.

Rating: 3.25/5

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