Movie Review: Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham




Seenu (Sai Dharam Tej) loves Shailu (Regina Cassandra). When Seenu comes to know that Shailu is in search of someone he tries his best to help her which puts him face to face with Mysamma (Jagapathy Babu). How they are all connected and is the problem of Shailu solves is the overall story of the film.


Sai Dharam Tej has made a very good debut as hero. Thanks to the ease that he has in his body language there is likeability about him on screen that works to his advantage. Dances and fights as expected are good. The things he needs to work on are the looks and dialogue delivery, especially when it’s in high pitch.

Regina Cassandra is given a traditional look through out including the songs, barring one scene. The story of the film revolves around the actress which means everyone and everything moves with her character at the centre of them all except her who just has to watch all those things happen with an annoying expression.

Jagapathy Babu is a delight as he gets the best character in the film along with hero. He is immensely likeable in the film. As soon as he disappears from the scene Prakash Raj takes over and he holds the frame till the end with just his presence.

Apart from these main characters there are a bunch of comedians in the film but it’s Raghubabu who makes the most of them. He is really good in few scenes in second half of the film. Prabhas Srinu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Chandra Mohan, Satya Krishnan, Hema, and Sayaji Shinde they all chip in with good timing in between.


Nonstop entertainment
Engaging screenplay
Superb interval bang


Speed breaker songs
Ending of the film
Beginning of the film


If one looks at the story in hindsight, it is a very simple and predictable one. But the director makes it engaging with a terrific screenplay that keeps one hooked with some predictable and some not so predictable twists. Additionally the pace never slackens till the end. There is one little problem here though that is the romance between the hero and heroine, we never are shown the romance between the two or told why the hero would go to the extent of giving his life for her, it’s just stated as a fact that a lover is to that thing.

However as said above the pace is such that it camouflages such details. The suspense that we know eventually is predictable and its solution in the end is a disappointment. While the suspense can be overlooked, the climax for sure could have been better. Another big plus for the film is lack of action just for the heck of it. And even the ones that are present are well executed.

Music by Anup Rubens is good with more focus on melody. Background is equally well done. Technically the film is very good with all departments like cinematography, editing and choreography, doing their jobs well. Dialogues are good overall though at certain moments the ‘rhyming words’ sticks out.

Bottom-line: Winning debut for SDT

Rating: 3.25/5


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