Movie Review: Pataas



Kalyan’s father is a strict police officer always doing his duty righteously. This leads to a situation which forces Kalyan to develop a grudge on his father and become a cop that is exactly opposite of his father. Once again circumstances lead him to realize his mistake and what he does afterwards in the overall story of the film.


Kalyan Ram has given nice performance in the film. It is his usual style with a little amped up loudness that is expected in commercial space. More than his performances the director needs to be credited for presenting him that well with right moments to shine in positive manner.

Shruti Sodhi has very little to do performance wise. She is mostly restricted to songs where she is decent at best.

The film primarily works for all the entertainment provided by the character artist and comedians. They all deliver at one level or the other. Leading the pack are Sai Kumar and Srinivas Reddy. The former provides the emotional anchor while the latter brings the roof down with his comedy punches. Aushutosh Rana is good as baddie. Others chip on with their bits and pieces roles but they are all not as consistent as the above.




Drags at times
Repetitive comedy in places
Weak climax


Anil Ravipudi makes a solid beginning to his career with Pataas. Apart from direction Anil Ravipudi has also provided the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film which as a whole package work well and entertain as a complete masala entertainer.

Coming to the technicalities, it is the dialogues and screenplay, filled with humour and ample hero elevation that works for the film and elevate it to a good entertainer status. The direction is merely functional in that it just services in neatly presenting the aforementioned strengths without playing spoilsport by trying to be all showy with tech.

The film picks up before the interval and keeps on the momentum till before the climax. The screenplay is gripping and fast paced in these portions providing us nonstop entertainment. There are times when it feels that comedy might dilute the overall massy-ness but a fine line is treaded well by the director.

Music by Sai Karthik should have been better without any doubt. The background score makes up for it though. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is good. Editing is okay. Choreography of songs barring one or two could have been better. Production values are very good.

Overall Pataas is a mighty fine commercial entertainer that should be watched in theatres.


Bottom-line: Arey O Sambha Watch This
Rating: 3.5/5

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