Movie Review: Paathshala




Five friends decide to embark on a journey taking advice from their professor. How there lives evolve as a result of this journey and how it helps them focus in their career and make right decision is what the film is all about.



There are no particular highlight performances in the film as its a bunch of youngsters who are at the center of the proceedings. Among this bunch Nandu is clearly the pick thanks to his energetic character design. Among the two female characters Sandhya is the pick. Others also do their parts well but its just that those two characters stand out.

Apart from these batch of actors there is Shashank who comes with his bucket list in the second half. He is easily better at emoting than the young cast thanks to his experience. Krishna Bhagwan in a cameo is okay. There is mix of known and unknown cast for small parts who all give decent output.



Coming if the age theme
Shashank portion



Slow narration



Director Mahi V Raghav has taken fresh plot for his directorial debut. From the beginning till the end the screenplay has elements that has potential to emotionally connect. The very beginning on roof top where the gang contemplates on what to do about future without any clue, the different flashbacks in different backgrounds, introduction of Shashank and his bucket list, his proposal sequence and finally the realizations. All these situations have potential but are they fully realized is another matter.

Better performances and dialogues would have surely elevated the film to a new level. Still as it is Paathshala is a good attempt.

Music and background score by Rahul Raj add a great deal to the overall feel of the film. Cinematography too does a similar job. Editing is fine.


Bottom-line:Good lessons to take in this school

Rating: N/A


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