Movie Review: MCA


What’s good: the hero-heroine romantic track in the first half, two songs and Nani’s comedy timing as usual
What’s bad: Weak villain and the entire track with him, the second half

Popcorn break: As much as you want in the second half

Watch or not: What if you have no other option for the festival

Trade Talk: Fantastic openings but there is skepticism regarding the run post the holiday period is over

Director Venu Sriram made debut with the movie Oh My Friend which was an attempt to present an old themed premise in a modern way. It did not work entirely and the release time further killed it. In MCA he shows similar sensibilities with a mass mix. The final output is not a far cry for his debut, but this time the ‘time’ is likely to be on his side thanks to the timing of release and the cast in place.

The first half of MCA works well with the lighter moments coming out well. It is courtesy of Nani and few relatable situations. Secondly, the romantic portions are neatly done between the lead pair with a predictable but proper placement of songs. The crucial and key scene right before the interval between Naresh and Nani was bang on, and it helps in elevating the interval bang.

The problem starts in the second half when the fun runs out. The love track and family bonding feel forced into a narrative. Add to all of it, a weak negative force driving the story, and it is not a satisfactory viewing experience. Luckily the climax is neatly wrapped. Overall, MCA is a below average fare and weaker than the previous outing from the actor.

The last word: A decent first half is all that is there. If that is enough for your bucks, go ahead and give it a try.
Rating: 2.5/5

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