Movie Review: Khakee


What’s Good: Story, casting, and direction
What’s Bad: The length of the film is the biggest issue.
Popcorn Break: During the romantic track and in parts of the second half
Watch or Not: Watch it.
Many times when there is a strong story, all that one needs is work on the screenplay to make it appealing to the audience keeping the genre sensibilities in mind. There would also be no need to add ‘special’ entertaining blocks in that case, and the effort is simply to narrate the tale without boredom. Khakee is an example to such a movie.
The story of Khakee is exciting, and the director makes it thrilling with his screenplay. The movie takes time to grow as the initial focus is on romance. However, the focus shifts on the central mystery there is no looking back.
The scenes leading to the interval or the part where the hero tries to capture villain and entire village comes to kill him, or the action on top of a bus, the interrogation scenes, they all are fantastic. Therein lies the problem. While we can point out the high moments, whatever happens in between these bright minutes is what lets down the film. The narrative becomes dull and boring and wholly uninteresting at times. It is this inconsistency in the screenplay that is a major dampener for an otherwise thrilling ride.

The Last Word: Go and watch it for the fantastic subject and superb cast at work delivering their best

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