Movie Review: Jai Simha


What’s good: Few action scenes and drama, even though outdated

What’s bad: The comedy throughout and romance is tacky.

Popcorn break: Whenever the comedy begins

Watch or not: Only for diehard Balakrishna fans.

Trade Talk: The openings are good, and the film is expected to thrive during the holiday period


Director KS Ravikumar is an experienced person when it comes to mounting a predictable hero-centric drama. In Jai Simha, he presents Balakrishna in a way that fans like along with some additional drama in an ancient and clichéd style.
There is absolutely nothing fresh in the movie, but it still works as the director knows the content inside out. He presents what is necessary in right doses and keeps the narrative, cohesive, moving it along without dragging too much. The predictability and outdatedness are the films most prominent issues. But if it isn’t a problem, there is a predictable yet engaging mass entertainer with the right dose of drama.

The first half is alright with a good build up to action blocks. The interval is neatly done. The villains are weak which is why they are not the key focus. The crucial moments here are around the heroines and family and love drama involving them. The final blocks of flashback portions have come out well, and that is the essence of the film. Overall, Jai Simha is a below average to an average movie with a good sentimental appeal for the B and C centers audience.

Musically there is nothing to write home about expect the song Amma Kutti which is catchy. The cinematography is okay whereas the editing is first rate. The writing is below par considering the Nandamuri Balakrishna’s presence. The production values are alright.

The last word: Watch it if an old-school sentimental drama is what you need for the festival.

Rating: 2.5/5

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