Movie Review: Inttelligent


What’s Good? Few comedy dialogues, ending

What’s Bad? Everything else

Popcorn Break? Anytime you want

Watch it or Not? Never


Movies of VV Vinayak began initially with the perfect blend of emotion and entertainment. Different aspects of commercial cinema like comedy, sentiment, action, and drama well all presented in a racy and appealing manner that cut across youth and family sections. No wonder some of the directors’ early films are still a treat to watch on repeat viewings.

As years passed by VV Vinayak couldn’t generate similar emotions and struck more to comedy. Films like Krishna, Adurs, Naayak, and Alludu Seenu were those film where the basic story and sentiments were clichéd, but the comedy factor made them appealing.

Sadly, the director has now lost touch with the comedy too. Be it Akhil or Khaidi No 150, and Inttelligent, VV Vinayak has just failed to entertain. With no entertainment and no emotion, all his recent movies nowadays are filled with daces and fight, and the director is going through the chores of commercial cinema with zero high. Inttelligent is the lowest from the director with no proper flow or one mass pleasing scene to talk about. It is a terrible sight.

SS Thaman probably realized where the film is headed early on and has put no effort. There are only a few parts where one can feel some energy, and everything else is just noise. The cinematography is alright, and so is the editing. The writing, an important asset in Vinayak’s films, is disastrous barring few quips here and there. The production values are decent.

Final Conclusion: The fate of Inttelligent should have been guessed when the title got announced. It’s an immitigable mess that numerology can’t save.

Trade Talk: The movie has surprisingly taken poor openings all over. If there is no pick up in the mass centers, it will be done and dusted for the weekend itself.

Rating: 2/5

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