Movie Review: Hello


What’s good: Cute romance, lovely songs, perfect casting and crisp runtime
What’s bad: The action scenes feel needless after a point more so as it lacks importance
Popcorn break: During the action scenes and few parts of the second half
Watch or not: Watch it for the simplicity of romance missing in movies today
Trade Talk: The openings are weak. The trade is hoping for a pick-up in the coming days.
Unlike 24 or Manam, director Vikram Kumar has come up with a simple tale of love this time around. It has a twist befitting his reputation, though. The entire film happens during a day with flashbacks neatly woven into it.
The first half focuses mostly on building the bonding between the lead characters. The foundations are laid for love between the lead pair as children, and also the parents love towards the kid. The lack of anything concrete happening might bore few, but that is alright.

It is in the second half the actual story moves forward with small twists and turns. Akhil’s screen presence and body language are used in this half. Overall, it is okay with a little bit of needless stretch in the climax.

Anup Rubens has done a fantastic job with the music and the background score. The cinematography is superb. The production values are writing are fab.
The last word: It might be repetitive and clichéd but a love story well done with fresh actors is always is a pleasant watch.

Rating: 3/5

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