Movie Review: Gayatri


What’s Good? Story and Mohan Babu’s double role act

What’s Bad? Making and songs

Popcorn Break? Whenever a song comes or a fight happens

Watch it or Not? Wait for official stream


The concept of good versus evil is always exciting. In Gayatri, we have a similar issue with an impressive set up of drama and artistic background. As a story, it offers the scope to intrigue the audience. Now, if only it were a made in an engaging manner befitting the tastes of the current generation.

The new conflict in Gayatri takes too long to arrive. Most of the time is dedicated to the emotional core. It is definitely needed for the audience to invest in the penultimate scenes but the narrative makes multiple faults arriving at that stage. It kind-of makes things predictable.

The final half an hour is good minus few unnecessary add-ons that add nothing to the narrative except taking up runtime. Also, a big fight involving an actor of the age of Mohan Babu is not that appealing on screen. Overall for the few twists towards the end, Gayatri can be given a chance.

Apart from one song featuring Manchu Vishnu, the rest don’t appeal. The background score is alright. The cinematography and editing needed to be better. Mohan Babu has been appropriately shown, thanks to good work by the makeup artist. The writing has few good punches based on mythology.

The final conclusion: Wait for a DVD or online streaming; it might be worth the time with multiple options available.

Trade Talk: It is as if the movie doesn’t exist

Rating: 2.5/5

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