Movie Review: Gang


What’s good: Suriya and the setting.

What’s bad: The screenplay and couple of songs

Popcorn break: Whenever there is a love story or a flashback or a new character are introduced for comedy purpose

Watch or not: Watch it for a fresh story if you have not seen the original Special 26

Trade Talk: The openings are just about alright, it would require a right word of mouth to pick up


Vignesh Shivan has taken an exciting film to remake. He has tried to repack the movie differently by ironing out few dull moments from the original. In the process, he has brought out new problems. There are significant parts that feel unexciting similar to the original despite the changes.

The emotional backstories for the members for becoming members of the gang is alright. There is a wonderfully executed scene with Suriya and his friend. But that is the only emotional moment that works. The rest lack the same connect. Also, the chief opposition isn’t threatening. The film has an uneven feel because there are good moments that spread out in the first and half second half amidst large portions of boredom.

Overall, Gang is a decent watch to those who have not seen the original. For others, Special 26 despite its problems might still be a better film.

The last word: Watch it if you want something different on your platter for the festive season.

Rating: 2.5/5

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