Mirapakai Music Review


Adigora choodu gives a déjà vu feel at the very beginning especially the guitar usage which by now has become very routine in S Taman songs. The best part of the song is second interlude till it finishes and the singing by Karthik and Ranjith. They are the only reason you hear the song entirely. Nothing memorable lyrics wise.

Vaishali once again reminds of S Taman previous songs. The music is great and the lyrics and singing by Taman himself that gives the song immense energy. This energy makes you listen the song once more, once more. The music is used just to compliment the singing.

Gadhi Talapula the third track of the album is the best of the album too. It could also very well be among the best songs composed by Taman. This is what Taman should try more often music with less electronica and more emphasis of melody with beautiful orchestration. The second interlude here is just fantastic. While the lyrics are ok the singing by Geetha Madhuri is brilliant. Karthik too sounds different than usual. All in all a great song which would be good irrespective of how the film fares at box office.

Silakaa is the kind of number that one expects by default in a Ravi Teja film. The song hence a designed number for the star does its job well. It keeps your foot tapping as long as it plays inspite of the predictable nature of the tune. The lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla are fine for this kind of song i.e. they are funny and amusing.

Dhinaku Dhina is another good song that follows the third track of the album “Gadhi Talapula”. Neat orchestration with good singing makes for a fine listening. Shankar Mahadevan with Shreya Ghosal services are used well. The second interlude takes the song to its peak and then it finishes neatly on a high.

Chirugaley Vasthey is first among the two short songs which is fine. The humming is addictive. The transition from folkish singing to electronica interspersed beats is well done. Which creates a nice vibe which is catchy and hence song achieves what it set out for.

Mirapakai the last bit song doesn’t have much music to have an impact. It’s just filler.

With two good songs that transcends the dreaded box office of the film and two songs that have an instant appeal “Mirapakayi” audio is winner. Here’s wishing S Taman to try and maintain the consistency of this album and not just again repeat his tunes in near future. This “Mirapakai” album is hot.


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