Minugurulu Movie Review-A Must Watch



Minugurulu tells the story of a boy Raju who wants to become a director one day. He shoots ads and absolutely loves camera. One day in an accident he looses his sight and his father sends him to a blind school as he is no longer useful in day to day life.

In blind school he befriends lot of kids and together with kids, Raju using his gift, plans revolt against the chief head Narayanulu (Ashish Vidharthi). How they plan this revolt and what happens in the end is what the film is all about.


Raju the central protagonist of the film plays his character with great ease. Rest of the kids too playing characters named Bachi, Myna, Shiva etc make an impact. The fact that the characters stay with you and you feel like becoming a part of their world itself means they have done a wonderful job.

Ashish Vidhyarthi is well cast as the gambling addicted head of blind school. His character and performance is well pitched and enacted by the veteran. Suhasini in a cameo is fine.


Heart touching subject
Casting/characters of the blind kids
Engaging screenplay


Gets extremely slow at various points
Rawness of the subject at times


Director Kumar Krishnamsetty has taken a very heart touching subject to execute. The problem with subjects like these is one falls into the trap of over dramatizing the reality, while that is indeed a truth, it takes away the cinematic effect and gives a documentary feel. Here Minugurulu is not a documentary for sure because we a have a cinematic approach, justifiably though, in the second half. So this amalgamation of cinematic-ness and documentary style reality showcased intermittently is the problem with the film in terms of achieving its highs.

It’s still a commendable effort and director deserves all the credit for making the film. We need more such makers to comet through in Telugu cinema.

The film has a realistic tone throughout and cinematographer captures the location and feel of the location very well. He makes us part of the environment through his work and this along with our feeling part of the group of blind kids make the film a sure watch thing. Music is used in bits and pieces. Background score is alright. Editing could have been better in places although is fine overall.

Bottom-line: It’s a Ray of hope
Rating: N/A

Note: As we are media partners of the film we are not rating the movie.

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