Mr. Nookayya Movie Review


Manchu Manoj Babu’s Mr. Nookayya Movie Review
Manchu Manoj (Nookayya aka Mr. Nokia) is an orphan and he dreams of having a girlfriend, a family and kids and live a happy life. For that he has to get money lots of money. On the other hand Kriti Kharbanda is newly wed and her husband is kidnapped. The kidnappers demand huge ransom to let him go and she has to arrange it. How these two seemingly unrelated incidents connect with each other and reach towards a common goal is the basic plot of the film.

The film has five major roles who take the story forward. They are of Manchu Manoj, Kriti Kharbanda, Vennela Kishore, Murali Sharma and Sana Khan.

All the actors are well casted for their parts and Manchu Manoj leads from the front. He is completely in tune with the execution of the film. In fact it’s his over the top act that pretty much defines the film. He acts or rather overacts completely. His body language and dialogue delivery everything is in sync with the overall narrative of the film.

Kriti Kharbanda plays the exact opposite character, a subdued, non flashy and calm girl. She performs her part with ease and emotes well.

Sana Khan gets a small character in length but has a very good impact in the film. But the impact is felt because of the nature of her character rather than her act which is just ok.

Vennela Kishore as Charger plays the best buddy of Manchu Manoj. He also has a character that plays apart in the film but his act is routine. The one moment he gets to do something different than his routine he does it well.

Murali Sharma as the crazy over the top villain with a habit of singing while killing or threatening is irritating. He manages to convey the menace with his expression but the mannerism given to him ruins that performance.

Apart from them Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao gets a small part and he does his regular act. Brahmanadam does a small cameo and it’s effective.

Comedy in parts

Over the top narration
Double meaning dialogues
Predictable story

The film is good but only in parts. The portion leading to the interval is good. Post interval after slow and predictable start the film picks up once the road journey starts. And it’s good till the climax. The climax is again ruined with heavy duty hardcore action and lots of over action.

The direction is good and the director has the idea right but the execution is a let down. Even the over the top act could be handled deftly. But the director completely lets it go creating a nauseating feeling. The first half looks like a jumbled mess second half is comparatively better and appears cohesive before once again loosing in the climax.

Music for the film has been given by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the songs are good but its picturization leaves a lot to be desired. Background score by S Chinna is good in that it truly gets the spirit of the film right.

Editing of the film is poor and parts of the film, especially in the first half, looks like a jumbled mess.

If you like crazy, over the top film with realistic but vulgar dialogues all rolled into a predictable plot with predictable twist. This is your film.

Rating – 2.5/5

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