Manchivadu Movie Review


Is this a “Supergood Films” movie?

Is it emotionally manipulative?
Yes a lot.

We want an example!
Ok here we go. It’s the birthday party of our heroine, she cuts the cake, our hero enters, everyone starts to give gifts, our hero looks at his gift wrapped in paper, grandfather gives an expensive necklace, hero hides his gift, now an expansive ring, hero moves a step back, now a laptop, our hero turns back, suddenly heroine gets a glimpse of hero and calls him, hero goes towards heroine wishes her and reluctantly gives his gift, a “langa voni” worth 500 Rs/-, grandfather gets angry and throws the gift on ground, heroine gets angry and leaves the party, grandfather starts lecturing hero, suddenly heroine appears wearing the “langa voni” thrown by grand father, now she starts lecturing the grandfather on how priceless the “langa voni” is, hero has tears in his eyes, he is happy and starts to go outside, heroine stops him, calls him by his name Raja, yes he is named “Raja” and goes back to get a piece of cake, she feeds him the cake with tears flowing everywhere.

Are their anymore such scenes?
Yes, entire second half of the movie.

How about comedy and songs?
There are no comedians in the movie except Raghu babu and he is restricted to first half. The songs are as good as watching a rerun of old DD serial videos.

Anything good at all?
The interval and the end.

How about the performances?
Tanish considering his age does well but is very repetitive when it comes to emotional scenes. His Telugu diction is good but needs to work on the punches when delivering comic lines. Bhama also is repetitive; all she has to do is cry. Raghu babu does well for his part. Others go through their routine.

How is it technically and visually?
This is a “Supergood Films” movie.

Final note: Avoid it.
Rating: 2/5

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