Mahesh's 1 Nenokkadine Movie Review



Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is a rockstar with a delusional past. He faces a problem in the present because of the past but no one believes it. How with the help of Sameera (Kriti Sanon), Gautham finds the peace in his life is in nutshell what the film is about.

Once again Mahesh Babu dominates in a single-dimensional role given for him that relies on his drama skills. He looks lean and mean in a completely new avatar. As far as the acting goes Mahesh Babu once again showcases why he is league ahead of the rest of his contemporaries. His action in interval and the climax are testimony to this fact.

Heroines on debut usually don’t get a big role and certainly don’t get a role that is narratively integrated into the main story. Kriti Sanon is very lucky on this count as she has got a good role here that helps in the evolution of the story.

Apart from these two there are a host of other characters that are mostly related to backseat waiting for their moment to come.

Mahesh Babu

Genre of the film
Length of the film

This was the big chance for Sukumar to move to the big league of directors but he has flounders the opportunity with a convoluted mess. The basic idea is simple that of the avenging the murderers of the parents but the director, it seems, wanted to make a grand movie on that line with lots of philosophical touch. This philosophy that admittedly emerges from the characters in the movie itself has been poorly written and executed.

There are moments like the interval scene or the scene at the very end of the film where Gautham discovers something, that show the brilliance and depth of the director but unfortunately these scenes are few and far in between. What the rest of the film contains are scenes simply designed to bluff the audience into something intelligent which the film is clearly not.

The emotional theme of memory and remembrance is a fantastic thought but Sukumar fails to realize the full potential of this powerful emotion. By the time he shows it the audience are so exhausted that they really don’t care what’s happening on screen. This has to be the biggest missed opportunity in the past few years to achieve something truly phenomenal.

Devi Sri Prasad has done good job on both the music and background score. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is top notch and gives the film a glossy international feel. Stunts by Peter Hein’s are a mixed bag, while a few have come out well, others have not. Editing is patchy and the film could have done well further had a more ruthless approach been adopted. Choreography suits the actor body language and is neatly done.

Bottom-line: only for Mahesh and no one else
Rating – 2.25/5

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