Mahesh's Businessman Review


So what is Businessman all about?
Businessman depicts the meteoric and at times illogical rise to power of a young man. Oh well he has a love story too.

Why the title Businessman?
Why this subject in the first place will be a fitting question as an answer to your question.

How are the performances?mahesh-babu-businessman-movie-review
Mahesh excels as usual in the title role as Surya Bhai. His dialogue modulation and delivery is top notch. He manages to evoke few laughs here and there. Kajal, who is under a kilometre thick makeup coat through out the movie, does nothing special. Other actors are adequate.

What about the Music?
The best song in the film, “Sir Ostara” turns out to be the worst on screen. Most of the film is filled with “Bhaag Saale” as BGM. Thaman dishes out his routine fare. Can’t expect more from him considering that he was racing against time to complete his work for the film.

Other technical Departments?
Editing by SR Sekhar is poor. Many scenes exceed desired length. Cinematography is always the same in any Puri Jagan’s film.

Production values?
Production values are strictly average. Producer must be commended for coping up with the frantic pace of picturization of the movie and providing everything which the director asks for.

Had enough of others. Tell about Puri Jagannath.
Puri Jagan is the hero and villain of this film. He wrote some very witty and thought provoking dialogues and at the same time came up with many obscene and uncomfortable to sit through . His execution of the movie is at times silly and the way hero is elevated to the level of DON is amateurish to be very modest.

Bottom-Line: Watch it for and only for Mahesh.
Rating: 2.75/5


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