Mahesh Khaaleja Movie Review


Mahesh Khaleja – He is God

Another week another combination resurfaces again. This time we have the Athadu team back again. With Trivikram at helm and this being Mahesh’s movie after there long years the expectations are sky high.

People in the village are dying and they look for a god to come and save them. Seetharama Raju(Mahesh Babu) accidentally becomes their god and how he solves their problem is the story in short. While it sounds perfectly fine on paper the execution leaves a lot to be desired. In a film spanning two and half hour the basic story is put on back-burner for the entertainment which leaves a lot of things unexplained, hence confusing the viewer. If the story is kept aside the film has lot of entertainment especially during the first half which is sometimes silly but very funny overall. The second half too has its doses of entertainment but things starts to become silly which makes the audience restless. The story as said above again resurfaces during the climax but its too late by then.

Mahesh Babu returns to silver screen after a gap of three years. Hence looks completely fresh. He has come up with a new personality and quirks this time. He does an highly energetic character that off a taxi driver and does it very well. It does take to grow though. It’s his show all the way. Anushka has a very poor and badly written role. She suddenly disappears in the second half of the movie and her character ends abruptly too. In-fact it’s the same for all other characters too. They appear randomly and end abruptly. Prakash Raj has very little to do and that little comes in the climax. Shafi gets a good role but he over acts. Ali, Sunil, Brahmanandam and Tanikella Bharani do their routine.

Direction by Trivikram Srinivas is the biggest culprit here. The writer in him dominates the director which results in several good scenes stripped of its actual intended affect. There is nothing new in terms of taking too. Music by Manisharma is strictly OK. The picturization only makes thing worse. “Piliche” song though stands out. While a lot was expected from “Sada Siva” song the visuals to that song simply kills the song. Editing is bad. Three cinematographers have worked on the film making which gives a slightly inconsistent look to the film. The desert scenes have been very well shot though.

Had there been a balance between the story and entertainment the film could have been an entirely different one. In its current form it’s ho hum. It’s for the fans.

Rating: 2.75/5

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