Kulumanali Movie Review



A group of friends travel to Kulu Manali to enjoy the vacations. But a series of unfortunate incidents happen and later one by one starts getting killed by an unknown person. Who is this unknown person and why he is after them, is what the film is all about.


The film gets the ensembles right for the kind of movie they had aimed. Everyone looks the part and that’s it.

Among the many present few like Shashank, Krishnudu, Harsha Vardhan, Vimala Raman, Khayyum, Archana only mange to create impact.

Krishnudu does well as the short tempered guy as he seems to be enjoying his part very much.

Vimala Raman gets a meaty role and she shows her acting skills when required and manages to get all the attention.

Shashank, Archana and Harsha Vardhan do their regular act.

But the highlight of the film along with Vimala Raman is RJ Chanti who provides the much needed relief in this suspense drama.



Background score




The film is directed by  Vegesna Satish. He chooses an interesting genre to make his debut, a slashed genre movie. While he captures the shots well and uses background score perfectly, there is an air of predictability looming large over the entire film. And hence he does not get the exact result he might have intended to, to begin with.

Cinematography and background score are good. Editing is fine.


Watch it .

Rating – 3/5


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