Komaram Puli Review


Puli – forget it

The last time the two came together they delivered us a classic-Kushi. So naturally the expectations are high when Pawan Kalyan and SJ Surya teams up again. This time one has little less expectations looking at the trailers and the delay and the fact that this would be director SJ Surya’s only directorial film in the last four years. Keeping all this in mind with a little bit of skepticism we watch this movie. So lets see how the movie turns out.

With the very opening of the movie revealing the introductions of major characters in the film mother, villain and hero respectively the film takes one by a shock and this shock isn’t a positive thing at all. From here on the film never picks up and just squanders along without any direction or purpose at all. Puli(Pawan Kalyan) wants to eradicate evil in the society form an operating cell which takes the calls of people and solves their problem. One such call takes him to the antagonist and from here on the game of cat and mouse begins till the finale where everything explodes literally. What could have been made into a taut thriller is reduced to a joke due to the atrocious execution of the script. The beginning and the ending are simply horrendous. The placement of the songs looks like an after though, as most of the songs just pop out of nowhere with the heroine appearing just before them.

Pawan Kalyan performance looks like a set of his electoral campaign videos put together one after the other without an end to them. While in the starting he seems too uninterested things do get better as we move forward with few well done highly charged emotional scenes especially his break out when Nazar dies. Manoj Bajpai over does his caricaturish villainy act. Nazar and Saranya Mohan do well in few scenes they are given to perform. Others have nothing to do like heroine who just shows up to have songs.

Music by A R Rahman is good but due to bad placement songs just sticks out as sore thumb all through out the movie. The background music could have been better. Editing is horrible. Even the cinematography by Binod Pradhan is ordinary. The action sequences are not well done too.

All in all Puli is one big mess where everything has just gone wrong and there is nothing redeemable about it at all. It’s better to avoid it even better to forget about it.

Rating: 1.5/5

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