Jr NTR's Ramayya Vastavayya Music Review


The combination of director Harish Shankar with Jr NTR had created tremendous excitement among the fans as well as common audience when it was announced. Expectations were created not just on the film but even the audio as the director’s previous two films had popular chartbuster music to its credit. Let’s see what the energetic director has in store for fans of Young Tiger as it should be clear by now that the director loves feeding into the narrative of a star he is working with.

“Jabili Nuvve Cheppama” begins the album on a pleasant note. More than the music, which is alright, it’s the lyrics that make the impression here. “Pandaga Chesuko” is again lyrically fine but musically weak, in fact for an introduction number and lyrics it has, the music completely fails in developing the energy required for such song. “O Laila” is a typical, predictable mass number that is purely dependent on hero and placement of the song in the film to get noticed. Lyrics again are the fun part here as well.

Finally the album is back on track with two back to back superb numbers in “Neneppudaina Annana” and “Kurrayedu”. The former is a wonderful haunting melody (sung beautifully by Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghosal) that should find a place among all time best songs list of the hero’s career while the latter, a mass number, again aided by Shankar Mahadevan (this time with Suchithra) and catchy hooks makes for a fun listen. There are slight resemblances with Arif Lohar’s Jugni in ‘Kurrayedu’ but nothing outright though. “Idhi Ranarangam” is a completely thematic song with impressive lyrics and arrangements but it isn’t a number that one plays on repeat mode.

Finally, at the end, Ramayya Vastavayya is a good album with two outright winners and couple of decent listens. But what is surprising here is the lack of energy (energy that’s present in a Silaka or Pilla or Banti Poola Janaki) that one expected by default with the director and actor combination. The slow melodies (keeping the mass nature of the film in mind) have surprisingly dominated the mass numbers.

Our picks: Jabili Nuvve Cheppama, Neneppudaina Annana, Kurrayedu
Rating: 3.25/5



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