Jr NTR Dhammu Movie Review



It’s the story of a village where two powerful families are at logger heads with each other. The two families follow a tradition where each person from one family fights with one person from the opposite family until one of them is killed.

To continue the tradition Suman’s family must have a male heir. But the Son is declared dead on birth. Later Young tiger NTR, an Orphan, Finds his way into this family through adoption. How Ram Chandra (Jr. NTR) an ordinary man finds and re acts to this extra ordinary circumstances and family feuds is what the film is all about.


Jr NTR is the heart and soul of the movie. He does his part with extreme dedication. His emotional outbursts during the second half are truly heart wrenching. He does action scenes with supreme ferociousness and gets audience involved, so is the dialogue delivery. However dances are a big disappointment, He fails to meet the expectations. His comedy timing is as usual.

Nazar after a long time is seen playing a villain in the film and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Apart from Jr NTR he is the other actor in the film sincerely devoted to the film. He feels as if he is truly going to kill the people with his menacing gaze itself.

There are two heroines in the film Trisha and Karthika and both have absolutely nothing to do other than praise hero and his ‘manliness’ in typical Telugu cinema fashion. It feels as if they are kept in the film as an after though to have songs in the film and have praises for hero.

Hero Venu does a small but important role. He is adequate.

Apart from above mentioned actors the film has a host of character artists ranging from Kota Srinivasa Rao to suman, Bhanu Priya to Abhinaya, Chalapathi Rao to Ahuthi Prasad. Almost every prominent character artist is present in the film and they all do what they have been doing in every other film.

Unfortunately the film is very week on the comedy side although it’s not a requirement to have a comedy in every film whatever little that is present in the film is pretty poor. Only Brahmanandam and Ali are the comedians present in the film.




Background music by MM Keeravani

High voltage action sequences

Dialogues in few episodes



Vulgar comedy

Uneven tone of the film



The entire first half of the movie looks like one big build up for the big interval bang. And the director has succeeded on that front. But the problem is that this entire build up process lacks the intensity as it is diluted by the unnecessary double meaning comedy and hero masculine build up by the heroines. There is nothing beside this in the first half.

The second half of the film continues from where it left from the interval. But soon it veers into extreme melodrama that lacks any emotional contact however hard the lead actor tries. It then switches alternately into action comedy and songs. Hence the entire build up and even that little emotion is lost. On the whole second half is a big drag and the climax makes it purposeless.

Director Boyapati Srinu seems to have just had few action scenes in mind and then written the entire screenplay around it only those few scenes standout in all departments i.e. the action, the direction and overall impact. Rest of the film appears loose and lacks focus.

MM Keeravani is the other hero of the film after Jr. NTR. Although the songs are the average he has more than made up for it with his superb Background music. In fact in the second half of the film it is his background music that stands out amidst all the mayhem.

Cinematography is okay. Editing could have been better. Choreography is not up to the mark.  Production values are grand.

Bottom-Line: The double entendre dialogues and fights and the movie is only for fans, not for families.

Ratings: 3.25/5


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