Gaayam 2 Movie Review


Gaayam-2 – Turns Durga into a Basha

When Ram Gopal Varma and Mani Ratnam collaborated for the first time together they came up with Gaayam. A very fine film in the 90’s which is loved till today and was among the few films where Jagapathy Babu got praised for his acting skills. Now after nearly two decades, new director Praveen Sri came with a sequel.

Ram(Jagapathy Babu) and Vidya(Vimala Raman) lead a peaceful life in Bangkok until an incident occurs which changes the course of their future life. That unfortunate incident brings back the ghosts from the past life of Ram and begin to torment them ultimately leading to a separation. What’s the past of Ram why does he stays away from it and how he faces it and overcomes that problem forms the rest of the film.

The film begins very slowly with an over emphasis on the relationship between Ram and Vidya and their kid. Nearly an entire hour is used to convey this relationship alone which is an overstretch in any way possible. When finally the story moves forward post intermission it turns into a completely different film. It’s like watching another film altogether. Unfortunately it doesn’t end here the film takes an entirely different route in the final thirty minutes leaving the audience completely exasperated which could have been interesting had it not been so predictable. The transition between a happy family man Ram to revenge seeking Durga to socially responsible Durga is too sudden and abrupt at times. However there are few very well executed scenes. But these scenes are few and far in between long predicable and boring scenes.

On acting front its Kota Sreenivas Rao who steels the show once again with his Telangana accent – political goon act in Guru Narayan. He is the life of the movie. He makes the character memorable once again even after doing it several times in his career. Jagapathy Babu as ram is unconvincing to begin with but settles well as we move forward and his Durga act is neat. He keeps it simple without overdoing or going over board. Vimala Raman has a good part initially but its eventually reduced to caricature of sorts as the movie progresses and has literally no presence in the second half. Late Kota Prasad son of Kota Srinivas has done a good job. Tanikella Bharani does well in his faithful lawyer act. His scenes with Kota Srinivas Rao are among the best acted scenes in the film. Harsha Vardhan fails to evoke any laughter. Revathi in a miniscule guest appearance does well. Others act as just fillers.

Music here lacks both the sweet innocence and raw reality of its predecessor. The maestro though is at his finest when it comes to the background score, sometimes completely overpowering the scene itself leaving the scene under whelmed. Editing is not good. The movie could have been reduced easily by twenty minutes or so. Direction by the first timer Praveen Sri is alright. While there are few really well executed scenes which showcases the brilliance of the director, the rest of the film though is laden with mediocre to pretty contrived scenes especially the climax. With a better script the director can do wonders in future.

Bottomline : Watch it if you have nothing else to do or even better revisit Gaayam
Rating : 2.75/5

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