Karthi's Sakuni Movie Review


Karthi Sakuni ( Saguni ) Movie Review

Kamal Krishna (Karthi) is a village guy and is part of the family who gives their all for the welfare of the people. After such generous helping from the family the only thing that’s left for Kamal Krishna is an old house where poor stay and are fed.

Due to a government order for the construction of new railway line that old house is to be demolished. Kamal Krishna comes to city to meet Railway Minister and rebuke the order as it would make lots of people orphan. What happens next and how does he achieve his goal is what our story is all about.

It is Karthi’s show all the way with others rallying around him. Although the actor struggles in dances he excels overall as a performer by giving a convincing performance.

Prakash Raj as the crooked politician and Chief Minister, RK Bhupati is in excellent form in the few scenes that he gets to perform. His dialogues aimed at the voters and his voice modulation in that scene etc is superb.

Santhanam as Rajini Appalraju is the heart of the film as far as the first half goes. The dubbing artist for the comedian deserves a special mention as he brings out all the punches perfectly.

Nazar as BD Swami @ Vusiri Swami is hilarious even though it’s short role. Even the dubbing given to him helps in maintaining the hilarity.

Kota Srinivas Rao gets to do a role he has done countless times once again and just like all the previous he is effective here as well.

Radhika too gets a good role but that’s short lived. There is a heroine too who if not for songs would have been completely erased from people’s memory. Roja has a very small and forgettable part.

Comedy in first half by Santhanam
No deviation and to the point second half
Kamal-Rajini thread

Lack of strong drama or conflict
Too simplistic

First half of the film moves slowly with lots of small flashbacks between hero and comedian Santhanam. This screenplay is entertaining which through the conversation between hero and comedian mocks at the old love story clichés. The film only picks up at the interval which has been executed very well.

Second half then simply ignores the love track build in the first half and moves uni-dimensionally in one direction with an all positive hero. There is no drama as the hero gets miraculously everything that he could ask for. It feel as if it’s completely one sided and after a point one looses interest as in any case one knows what the end would be. The climax is shabbily executed and feels like an abrupt ending.

Director N Shaknar Dayal has taken a routine subject and executed it mechanically. He fails in developing connect with the hero and hence one doesn’t feel anything when he ends up achieving what he was meant to achieve in the first place.

Music by GV Prakash is poor and the background score is inconsistent. Its fine a minute and then is absolutely poor the next minute. Cinematography by PG Muthaih is good. He gives the film a rich look. Editing is poor especially in the second half.

A political drama without any drama that is mildly engaging
Rating: 3/5

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