Golimaar Movie Review


Puri Jagannadh post pokiri seems to have hit a rough patch with each successive film turning out to be much worse than the one before, so one only looks forward to golimaar with a bit of skepticism as to whether he would be able to get his act together or just make things even worse. On the other hand gopichnand stuck in formula mode with repetitive action, would want to break out of it. Do they succeed ? Lets find out.

The movie begins with a special thanks note to RGV and says the film is inspired by real life personality Dayanayak, an encounter specialist. So one would have guessed from that starting note its about gangaram an orphan played by gopichand whose ambition is to become a police. Soon he is promoted as an encounter cop due to his unfeared approach. Now how he eliminates the two mafia gangs from Hyderabad forms the rest of the story. Now how can a telugu movie be complete without any heroines and songs so we have priyamani playing pavithra an event organizer, who occasionally bumps into gangaraam and later falls in love him. The problem here though comes from her mother jejamma(roja) who hates men and wants her daughter to be a mother theressa.

Puri jagannadh takes a predictable story but this time comes up with few interesting twists that keeps audience engaged though sometimes they seem far fetched in nature. The first half switches between encounter killings (if ever there was film that justified its title, this is it) and love track, both of which are handled in pretty much over the top fashion, but are still entertaining and they move fast without giving people time to think. The dialogue at interval bang is nice. The second half starts with a twist, though predictable, its enjoyable none the less. But what happens later are as said earlier a bit far fetched with a really laughable ending. Its like as if they had no clue on how to end the film cause of the extreme liberties taken in the second half.

Gopichnand changes his role this time to a cop but still does the same act he does in every film of his. If one is used to his acting they would find this passable too. Priyamani plays a bubbly heroines who is always at fault with hero does over act but as her dialogues are well written some times, they bring smile to your face. For others preferring skin show there are songs to that effect too. Roja plays a one tone character who is always bashing men, hence gets boring as the film goes on. Naser though does a small role leaves impact mainly due to his role being center of twist. Kelly dorjee as khallid does nothing till the climax than just sit in his hotel and talk on cell phones. Others like ms narayana, jeeva does their usual bits. Ali in a special appearance gets loud applause from audience.

So has puri made a comeback with golimaar, yes he certainly has, not at his peak but shows some signs of it which is a huge improvement from him after his recent duds. A special mention must be made of his writing here. This time puri has opted not to have a special comedy track but he makes for it with his subtle humour throughout the movie through priyamani and roja. The scene in the second half when khalid talks to a maid on phone was hilarious and there are some others funny moments like this making golimaar decent viewing.

Music by chakri, which was pretty average to listen has been neatly picturized. However the background music is pretty loud. Editing is fine. Cinematography is good. Production vales are neat.

Bottomline:Golimaar lives up to its title

Golimaar Rating: 3/5
Direction: 3.5/5
Screenplay: 3.75/5
Story: 3/5
Lyrics: 3/5

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