Geethanjali Music Review



Praveen Lakkaraju of Chinna Cinema and Harmones fame provides music for Geethanjali which is promoted as a horror comedy. Considering the genre of the film we don’t expect much from the music side as films of this genre have been pretty poor in terms of music for a long time.

Coffee Song is made listenable by the lyrics which are amusingly centered on coffee. The music just compliments the lyrics without drowning it and yet maintaining a simple catchy beat. Naa Manasuni Thaake has interesting interludes but boring stanzas.

We have a remix of classical song Raghuvamsa Sudha, rap included, reminiscent of 90’s pop numbers. Even among the remix numbers this is as predictable as they come. Shaitan Raj gives a fun vibe if one looks past the routine beats accompanying the song. The female vocal portion followed by Brahmanandam dialogues towards the end is the best part. The album ends on an extremely predictable note with Vishwaroopam. Shankar Mahadevan rendition is the only reason to listen to this song.

As expected there is no real scope given in terms of music for a music director to explore but even among the tracks present music director Praveen Lakkaraju has played it safe with template sound. Barring the lyrics in couple of numbers there is very little that is appealing musically.

Our Picks: Shaitan Raj

Rating: 2.25/5


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