Galipatam – Music Review



It might not register immediately who music director Bheems is to many but even they would surely remember the song Vayyari Blackberry Phone Le from the dud Nuvva Nena. Well, Bheems was the music director for the film and he surely did promise something more than mundane with his arrival with that song alone. He disappointed us with his next outing but now he is coming with an album where there is scope for music in the film. Will he shine again?

Paani Puri is predictable mass number made catchy by singer, lyrics and good music arrangements, they engage us throughout and at the same time give a foot tap worthy feeling. Once again we have a similar combination of singer, lyrics and music arrangements at work in Hey Paru but this time final result is not as effective as Paani Puri. The opening stanza is poor and its gets better as it progresses.

Lyrics make Dhoomapanam fun to listen to otherwise this too is in predictable mass zone with all its trumpets and drums blaring. Tere Mere Saath is a fun listen as long as it stays with Telugu lyrics. It’s a catchy number but for those Telugu-Hindi combined lyrics which feel odd. The same problem persists in Yeh Allah as well (tere navvu choosaka, tere mata vinnaka .. yaadein aa nati yaadein, baatein aa nati baatein) but singer Kailash Kher overcomes that with his rendition which brings a depth that is missing in the previous number. It is easily the best song from the album.

Not a shining comeback that we expected but it’s still far better than his second outing largely thanks to the seasoned singers who have been roped for each song. Once again the music director makes good usage of singer Kailash Kher to get the best number in the album. He should be getting more numbers in this territory hopefully in future.

Our picks: Yeh Allah, Tere Mere Saath, Paani Puri

Rating: N/A


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