Fidaa Movie Review


What’s Good: Terrific Sai Pallavi, excellent music, vintage Sekhar Kammula’s touch, first half, pre-climax and climax.

What’s Bad: There are parts of the second half that feel like dragging endlessly.

Popcorn Break: Ignore what’s happening on screen and eat as much as you want during the second half.

Watch or Not: A must watch.

Trade Talk: It is sure to be the biggest hit in the career of Varun Tej. But, how big, only time will tell.


Director Sekhar Kammula has a way in the presentation of emotion. He is mostly in the urban space and deals with protagonist and scenarios based on the background. He has in the past attempted to bring the mass touch with middle class living in Life Is Beautiful, but it failed due to the artificiality. In Fidaa, he has corrected the “artificialness” and shown small town girl and her life and family most realistically in all its language and glamor.

The Sai Pallavi’s character and her backdrop in Telangana village is the massiest thing that Sekhar Kammula has done till date. It has all the typical scenes reminding of director’s previous films, but they are done in a most realistic way that takes us into the lives of the characters. It feels as if we are living with them and part of the proceedings. It is the transporting of mind and heart, the effect, in the first half, that makes Fidaa a winner.

The first half of the movie is a classic right from the time Varun Tej lands in the village. There is a wobble in the second half, but occasional comedy and incredible music cover up for that. In the end, there is a sense of fulfillment of watching a real emotion nurtured right before our eyes, creating a tickling sensation within us. That is a mark of a movie that is soon going to be a fond memory. Not all films give that feeling which is why Fidaa is special.

The Last Word: When there is an emotional connection with a character on screen, and it is the only thing visible, rest assured all the flaws will be covered

Rating: 3.5/5

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