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Sravanthi (Tamannah) is the daughter of Indian Embassy Minister Chakradhar (Suman) in France. She is brought up amidst tight security of her father in Paris. Once grown up she wants to break free from her dad’s prison. She does exactly that when her father leaves to other country for an important meeting. Once her father returns he comes to know that her daughter is missing.

On the other hand Ram (Ram) is a wayward and aimless youth. His father in order to teach him a lesson sends him to Paris to work in a wine yard. But Ram escapes from the wine yard and on the way meets Sravanthi.

After some fun he comes to know about her reality and promises to help her. What is this reality and how he helps her and amongst all this how does he fall in love is the overall story of the film.


Energetic Star Ram true to his tag is energetic but that energy is reserved for songs thankfully for most part of the film unlike his previous outing. Delivers the dialogues sharply, fights and dances well. Apart from that he has nothing much to do.

Tamannah on the other hand is bubbly and ecstatic when required and also emotes when required. It’s her film as far as acting goes.

Shayaji Shindi as father of Ram overacts where as Suman as father of Tamannah underplays his part.

Writer Kona Venkat who makes his debut as actor with this film plays a character called Koka Bhai. His role begins well, gets one dimensional as it progresses and finally ends abruptly, hence failing to create any sort of impact in the film at all.

There are many other characters but none makes an impact or are noticeable to remain in one’s memory at the end of the film.




Background scoreendhukante premanta movie review pics photos stills

Novel plot


Comedy that fails

Drama that drags endlessly

Messy climax


The film begins interestingly taking the audience by complete surprise. It then becomes a normal predictable and at times typical Karunakaran fare. It’s in pre interval that the film picks up again. But again the interval is marred with its length.

Post interval the film turns into a complete drama with some comedy scenes in between. But the pre climax and the climax with its horrible execution leave a bad taste in the mouth, especially the climax which feels like a never ending one.

Overall apart from few comic bits here and there and beautiful location and photography the film has nothing much to offer. The remainders of the scenes barring those few are a big drag.

Karunakaran, the director has chosen a novel plot for the film but the execution, especially the screenplay is really poor. There are a few ‘Karunakaran’ moments but that are very rare.

Music by GV Prakash is very poor when one looks at the other films of director Karunakaran. But the background score makes up for it.

Cinematography by Andrews is fantastic and captures the Paris very well. Choreography is routine but the first song has been picturized really well. Costumes for the heroine are really good.

Bottom-line: A Soulless Film

Rating: 2/5

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