Ee Rojullo Movie Review


It’s the story of a boy Srinivas and girl Shreya who face similar problems with relationships with opposite genders in today’s time. While boy feels he is used for money by the girls and when a better opportunity arises the girl dumps the boy, the girl thinks that no matter what she does, the boys only have one final aim that is to have a physical relationship with the girl, even if the girl is not interested.

These two people with exact opposite views in due course of time become friends and how they eventually witho

ut realizing fall in love is what the film is all about, with some filmy twists.

Apart from these two main pair the film contains a host of other


characters that delve in the psyche of the modern day girlfriend-boyfriend relationships and vice versa.

The film mostly contains all newcomers except for a cameo here and there by senior actors. And it’s because of the newcomers that the film gets its natural realistic feel. The untrained and raw performances by the lead actors Srinivas and Reshma add to the overall feel of the film.

Apart from the main lead pair it’s the side characters that leave a lasting impact on the audience from both male and female perspective. Sai as the stuttering friend of Srinivas is rip-roaring hilarious in many sequences. So is Bhargavi from the feminine perspective. Together they all provide a very raw but believable performance.

First half

Some jokes are too adult
Climax is predictable

The first half revels in the exposition of the present day relationships. It exposes the kind of cheating that happens from both sides be it male or the female. But one can obviously feel that the proceedings are a bit anti feminine to put it politely.

The second half lacks the punch of the first half but still the situations and jokes takes the film to climax without much trouble. However the climax part could have been better executed as it comes across a bit silly. Such minor issue aside the film is thoroughly entertaining mainly due to its fresh cast and dialogues which tends to be dipped in double meaning a lot of times.

Maruthi makes a confident debut as director, in that, he shows what he wants to show, that is the concept perfectly, without deviating much from the main plot and provides entertainment within that main plot with various quirky over the top characters. And when one looks at the picture he has made with the technology available to him one can’t help but laud his efforts. Well done Mr. Maruthi, you have done what a senior director like Ram Gopal Varma couldn’t do and failed although he introduced the technology to Telugu cinema.

Music and background score by JB is fine. Usage of classic songs from Maestro Ilayaraja too is very well done.

Bottom line – Watch it for the fresh take on present day relationships and nonstop entertainment even if it involves a lot of adult humor.
Rating: 3.5/5

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