Don Seenu Review


R R Movie Makers combine with Ravi Teja once again after the blockbuster Kick. This time they have not opted for a season director instead went with a new director Gopichand Malineni. Does this reflect the confidence on the script or are they taking a risk, lets know.

Don Seenu tells the story of Seenu aka Ravi Teja, whose only aim from childhood is to become a big don. Due to his obsession with don his mother decides to join him in hostel. Seenu doesn’t want to go there so he runs away from his house and comes to Hyderabad to become don. Here he finds about the gangs and decides to join one of them lead by Machiraju (Sayaji Shinde). He is then sent on a mission to Germany by his boss. Here he meets Deepthi (Sriya) and later as expected they fall in love. Anjana Sukhani plays the role of her friend. Does Seenu accomplish his mission, did he become the don he always wanted too, what is real motive behind all the things he does forms the rest of the story.

The film opens very well and moves smoothly till we are introduced to the heroine Sriya character. Once introduced the film stars to drag and this continues till the interval. But the interval throws in a pleasant surprise making the audience look forward to the second half. The second half maintains the tempo build in the interval and carries it all well till the final act. The final act here is so clichéd that the pace built throughout the film is affected by it. The climax which followed immediately resolves this issue in a jiffy which dilutes the climax a lot and bereft the hero of his heroism. So finally Seenu’s achievement is sidelined and doesn’t seem to matter all of a sudden.

But what makes the film watchable is Ravi Teja all alone. He is so effortless in his action and carries the film all alone with his energetic performance. He does the comic scenes well with all the punches and when he fights, he packs in a punch too. Heroines Sriya and Anjana Sukhani have very to do in terms of performance all they have to show is their skin and dance well which they do well . Srihari is once again typecast in the role of a goon with good heart in Telangana accent. Hence this comes off as another routine character for him. Sayaji Shinde and Mahesh Manjrekar too does their routine. Ali who has few good scenes with Ravi Teja in the first half is completely relegated to the backseat post intermission. Bhrahmanandam, comes post intermission and provides few laughs. The scene involving Brahmanandam and Raviteja where Ravi Teja acts dumb got huge response from audience. Among others only Bhrahmji and Venumadhav and Yashpal Sharma, in short appearance are noticed. Rest all act as just screen fillers especially the likes of Victor Benerjee.

The film coming from debut director can be called decent effort. The director shines in the key departments that a director of telugu films ought to possess i.e the comedy and action sequences. The director builds up the right emotions for the fight sequences though the finale lacks this. But as this is his first film and he is bound to learn and be better with each outing. The screenplay by Kona Venkat is similar to his earlier film screenplays he did with Srinu Vytla. Music by Manisharma is the biggest let down, however he makes up for this with a decent background score. Editing is fine overall but the editing in fight sequences could have been a lot better. Choreography is good for the first song, the rest are ok. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy makes the film look very rich.

Overall a good one time, time pass watch, if you like Ravi Teja and his performances. It’s him and his conviction alone which makes this movie.

Bottomline : Watch it for Ravi Teja.
Rating: 3/5

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