Don Seenu Music Review


Don Seenu – very inconsistent

What does one expect from a Ravi Teja film music, complete foot tapping numbers with crazy lyrics or kickass mass numbers. With Manisharma we expect some melodies and of course some foot tapping chartbuster numbers too. Their last combination together Dubai Seenu didn’t work well as an album although it worked within the movies premise. This time we expect a better result.

The album kick starts with Aidella vayasuke Sung by Baba Sehgal with lyrics by Rama Jogayya Shastry. The style of the song reminds one of Manisharma’s Ek Niranjan title track. The track however meanders along after the initial stanza which reduces the strong impact it made at the beginning. A very inconsistent track which alternates between really good to pedestrian.

Raja raja Raviteja follows next sung by Geetha Madhuri and Sai Krishna. It’s a very routine mass number typical of Manisharma . One feels they have heard this many times earlier nothing novel at all. Geetha Madhuri sings very well the very contrived lyrics given for her. And its her singing alone that warrants a listen of this number.

Nayanakana follows next which is peppy number with very neat arrangements which are hip and trendy. Singers make this song lively and lift the song which is saddened with very poor lyrics. The best song of the album so far in terms of consistent arrangements and novelty . Again this is not a song that would last outside the film. A made for the film track which serves its purpose towards the film.

Aduguthundi is Manisharma’s terrain of slow and soft on ears melody with techno arrangements. Hemachandra and Malavika does very well especially the “o oo o” part is very catchy and lyrics are fine too written by Vennelakanti taking into consideration what followed previously. The song flows smoothly and is very effortless in transitions between the interludes without any jarring. The best song of the album undoubtedly.

Andamemo Istharaku the last song of the album starts off well but reminds one of Jai Chiranjeeva arrangements. The sudden shift to mass beats is not convincing at all. The best part of the song during the second interlude when “ammaye ammaye” part starts but that’s short lived soon this patterns repeats once again. This shift between techno to mass with in the song is not convincing hence not making the desired impact.

Overall a mixed album for a Ravi Teja fan and a disappointing album for a manisharma fan as well as for a common man musically. More disappointment for a Manisharma fan as Manisharma in his recent albums had better songs compared to this biggie. As for as the combination goes Dubai Seenu was better we feel.


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