Darling Music Review

Darling is the next venture of karunakaran after ullasanga utsahanga which was a success both musically and commercially. Karunakar might have failed commercially with his films but his films have never failed musically so one does have high expectations with the album. Lets see or shall I say listen whats in store for us.

Oo sahore – The song starts with  guitar strings as kk’s voice kicks in which looks to be a typical hero introduction number. The guitar strings continues through out with drums kicking in in between. A very predictable and boring number which one can listen once due to kk’s rendition.

Inka edo – is a typical melody number which reminds one of previous such songs from the music director. But it’s the singer who makes this good number average with his pronunciation though his voice is pretty smooth on ears. One has to look the inlay to know that he is actually singing “inka edo” on first few listens but once one is used to it the song is likable. Nothing memorable that will stay with you forever but its good while it lasts.

Neevey – The best song of the album undoubtedly. The songs stays with you after the first listen itself. GV Prakash seems to have reserved the best number for him. the electronic modulation of the voice is nicely done to give us a trance feel. the hip hop beats with raps doesn’t seem out of place. the usage of flute though once again reminds off the music director’s previous work .

Bulle – Nothing novel and boringly predictable. This number seems to kept in the album just to get the mass audience on  board. Even the singers can’t lift up the mediocre tune. This song entirely depends on its placement and picturization  to be popular.

Pranama – This song has a heard before feel to it mainly because of the usage of the certain instruments inspite of the tune being original. The song though not bad is not a song which we would hum along in isolation. it’s popularity depends on its picturisation.

Yeyo – Even with its obvious lift the song is hummable and makes one to shake his leg instantly . the “ghoom ghOom yeyo” phrase is infectious and stays with you reverbrates in your head. The music director in his attempt to hide his lift seems to have gone overboard with his arrangements as the song progresses towards its end. Benny dayal does a good job with his singing.

So what we are left with at the end of the album are just two songs or at best three  songs which are memorable or repeat worthy with the rest being below average mark . hence making it the weakest score/music for a karunakar film. For a person who has pretty high expectations considering it’s a karunakar film this one is huge disappointment while others may find it an above average album . its an al bum in which even the best song would last as long as the film stays in cinemas .

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