Darling Movie Review


Darling – predictable yet fun

When it’s a film by karunakar u know what to expect from the film, a clean complete family entertainer. This is no different from him hence predictable but still its entertaining hence watchable.

The parents of prabhas and and kajal are part of an old generation friends gang who decide to be in touch with each other even after there graduation. They marry and have children and yet maintain there friendship by frequently having get together. Prabhas and kajal too continue there parents friendship. As time goes by friendship develops into love and rest of the story is how this love story ends with some predictable and some unpredictable twists in between.

The story, if one observes closely is exactly the opposite of ullsanga utsahanga with every element present in ullasanga utsahanga being in reverse here. Childhood friends separated, friendly mother of heroine, non scolding father of hero even if son is bad at studies, angry mother, separated in childhood friends turned lovers meeting each other, almost everything, storywise, is opposite of uallsanga utsahanga. But inspite of all this karaunakar makes the movie interesting with a new twist here and there, and an interval that takes you completely by surprise. However things do start very slowly and the initial family bonding of prabhas with his parents seems forced and fake. There are some genuine laughs and scenes which bring tears to eyes like the scene where chandramohan’s daughter asks prabhas for help regarding her marriage ,this entire sequence is so wonderfully acted that it makes this predictable scene very engaging resulting in tears. The second half pics up from here and the graph only goes up till the climax. The second half is entirely set in a big palatial house, set in picturesque araku.

Thankfully prabhas this time doesn’t do his bujjigadu routine and acts with a certain restrain through out. There is a visible ease in emotional scenes too which would help him very much in future. Though there are few action sequences it doesn’t over power the film’s basic narrative hence not distracting. So a big thumbs up to prabhas for choosing this kind of film inspite of his macho image. Kajal does well in the second half especially the climax but largely inconsistent and sometimes irritating too in the first half. Prabhu who acts as father of prabhas gets the second best role in the film after prabhas and he does it very well. Among others only ahuti Prasad and mukesh rishi have decent roles that can be mentioned

Visually the film looks very colourfull thanks to the camera man Andrews. A special mention must be made about the picturisation of songs, they are stunning especially neeve neeve and inka edo. They have been picturized very beautifully closely followed by pranama. G V Prakash does tremendous job with background music too. Dialogues are funny at times but on the whole largely inconsistent and predictable, editing was ok.

Bottomline: well made family film but not for masses

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