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Siddharth has been one actor who has had consistently good music in his films. a musical failure is considered as a rare anomaly in his career so for. With that in mind we have naturally good expectations in minds but its gets raised a bit when we come to know that Santosh Narayan is the music director of the film. This new talent, again from Tamil film industry, has been silently delivering good music for small films with a completely fresh sound. Siddharth and Santosh Narayan combination now that’s something to have expectations on.

Ding Dong is not a number for everyone but who are willing to give it a try it’s a superb number. Everything comes together well in this number to create a unique mood and texture for the song. Baby continues in the same mould but with a more traditional singing. Lots of western influences here but it still maintains the rooted quality about it by giving old classic Ilayaraja-ish vibe through the stanzas.

Dizaya is good but a short number. It still creates a feel within that short duration. Brass band takes center stage in Neelo Gundala sung with a great gusto by Raghu Kunche. The way he has sung it, it should easily find a place right at the top among the limited songs he has sung. Vichinde Vichinde is another number in Baby mould. A quirky number with huge western influences but has a completely rooted vibe thanks to the singing.

Once again Santosh Narayan has delivered an album with great variety silently without any fuss. Although the quirkiness aspect feels overdone (in addition to nativity issues for Telugu listeners), the album is still a solid listen.

Our picks: Ding Dong, Neelo Gundala, Vichinde Vichinde

Rating: 3.25/5


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